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Access Point FlexHD Ceiling Mount

Access Point FlexHD Ceiling Mount

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Ceiling Mount for Access Point FlexHD.

Recessed ceiling mount accessory for the UniFi FLEX HD access point. Mount the UAP-FlexHD to a drop ceiling tile, drywall ceiling or solid ceiling for discreet, low profile appearance. Sliding retainer with locking threads and a snap-in mechanism for the UAP-FlexHD make mounting simple. Magnetic face place hides the bracket for a stylish finish.

Low profile (2”, 51mm), discreet ceiling installation
Guided snap-in locking mechanism for UAP-FlexHD
Adjustable, sliding retainer for mounting without screws
Magnetic 3 1/3” inch (85 mm) face plate
Requires 2 1/8” inch (54 mm) cutout
Includes drywall mounting hardware and anchors
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