JRS Global Networks Inc. is an authorized distributor of wired and wireless Internet Service Providing systems including routers, switches and much more.

We are privileged distributors of well recognized global brands such as Mikrotik, Cambium and Mimosa as well as re-sellers of UBNT, Cisco, RF Elements and UTT.

We have a wide spectrum of wireless networking equipment and solutions including all aspects of network design and deployment, RF planning, and frequency coordination.

We have a Hi-quality selection of Access Points, Backhaul Radios, Antennas, CPEs for point to point and multipoint internet connectivity to reach the last mile, encompassing rural areas as well as urban that are lacking Hi-Speed internet facility.

We have background experience of over 10 years as Master Distributors of Mikrotik and other wireless giants from back home India, having now launched our operations in the entire region of North America functioning from our registered office in Ontario, Canada.

The company's services comprise of the following:

  1. Network survey and investigation to suggest and recommend best-integrated solutions with suitable branded products
  2. Installation & configuration of products and optimum solutions
  3. After-sale services and support to clients so they can best manage their network. Global 24X7 customer care with assistance from Technical Service groups from both India and Canada 
  4. Acting as a valued partner for our client’s network requirement, providing retainer services.

The Company was founded as JRS Global Networks Pvt. Ltd. a New Delhi, India based organization founded in 2008, which operates into sales & distribution of Wired & Wireless Telecom Products, across the country has a wide market share at five major cities that include Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Noida. 

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